Paradox : Hate is Allowed Against Hateful People

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Paradox : Hate is Allowed Against Hateful People Empty Paradox : Hate is Allowed Against Hateful People

Post by HeadShot on Fri 5 May - 11:09

Most of us agree that hatred is a bad, an evil thing.
But once someone has been classified as hateful, whether that has any validity or not, hatred is then allowed against him, and we can see great defenders of love and peace using insults and even physical violence at will.

funny isn't it ?

Insulting someone defined as hateful is actually a way to claim how good we are. It is an easy and coward way of putting ourselves on the side of good.
It is time to realize that this widespread behavior is in no way noble or useful.

We live in an era where people are content to condemn evil (behind a keyboard) instead of truly embodying the good.
Virtue is not demonstrative.
Virtue is not something that we can post to our facebook wall.

Reading the comments on social networks, it is to believe that all would have been resistant during the second world war, all would have been heroes. A little humility would be welcome, because no one can know how he would have reacted in such circumstances.

Condemning or insulting "evil", is not enough to makes us good.

Paradox : Hate is Allowed Against Hateful People 210px-William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_%281825-1905%29_-_The_Flagellation_of_Our_Lord_Jesus_Christ_%281880%29

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